Unfortunately it doesn’t look the The Dragonborn Comes will be uploaded anytime soon :(

We don’t have the software to make it as professional as we’d like to and so we’d really appreciate it if you guys could give us some other songs you’d like us to cover until we can do The Dragonborn Comes video justice (:
We were really looking forward to uploading it, and we know some of you were really looking forward to seeing it so we’re really sorry!:(


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RJ is torturing her cat whilst I work on the cover…sounds about right xD-Rawrie

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So the Camera kinda broke..

which is why we don’t have ‘The Dragoborn Comes’ uploaded yet :/ Don’t worry though, we’re sorting it out so we really hope the video is up soon, sorry it’s late! :(

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banded-staraptor: On My Own from Les Mis. Ok? Ok :)

Of course! We were going to do this soon anyway! How coincidental! Thank you(: subscribe to our YouTube for updates on our covers!
-RJ xo

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